The Art of Living

June 03, 2019

In a society that teaches us to find our value in what we do, how successful we are, how much power we have, how ‘together’ we are, we often find ourselves drowning in a sea of ineffectiveness, loneliness, heartache, disappointment and more. So many people today spend their whole lives worrying about tomorrow and simply forget that the point of life is to actually live it, today, here and now.

At Life Coaching and Soul Care our goal is to help you learn new rhythms and new ways of living and processing information and circumstances to allow you to actually be present to your life. Today.

We offer two separate and distinct services:

Life Coaching offers you an opportunity take your larger goals and break them down into attainable day by day goals which will in turn allow you to reach your larger goals over time without sacrificing your day to day enjoyment and love in life.

Soul Care offers you an opportunity to reflect on your spirit, mind, heart, soul (whatever you want to call it). This is about understanding how you are being shaped in character and maturity as you daily become more the person you desire to be.

In a world of go, go, go, Life Coaching and Soul Care gives you a moment in your week to slow down, breathe, reflect and work on yourself.